Welcome to the heart of our community! There are many ways you can get involved with the US Korfball Federation and help us grow the sport across the nation. Whether you’re looking to become a member, volunteer your time, make a donation, become a sponsor, or introduce korfball to your school’s PE curriculum, we have opportunities for everyone.

Become a Member

Join our community of passionate korfball players and supporters. As a member, you’ll receive exclusive benefits, updates, and opportunities to participate in events and competitions.


Support the growth of korfball in the USA by making a donation. Your contributions help us fund programs, equipment, and outreach efforts to bring korfball to more communities.
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Start a Club

Starting your own korfball club is a fantastic way to bring this exciting and inclusive sport to your local community. It allows you to practice regularly, meet new people, and build a team that can compete in national and international tournaments. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Whether you’re new to korfball or an experienced player, we have resources to help you get started and guide you through the process.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with:
– events
– coaching
– administration
– graphics design
– social media
– videography
– grant writing
– fundraisers
… and more!

Your time and skills can make a big difference!

Become a Sponsor

Partner with us to promote your brand while supporting a dynamic and growing sport. Sponsorship opportunities are available for events, teams, and programs.

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